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Saint Lucia with the capital city Castries is located in North America (Caribbean, island between the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean). It covers some 617 square kilometres (three and a half times the size of Washington, DC) with 172,000 citizens.

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The landscape offers volcanic and mountainous with some broad, fertile valleys. The average density of population is approximately 279 per km². The notable climate conditions in Saint Lucia can be described as tropical, moderated by northeast trade winds with dry season January to April, rainy season May to August. Potential threats by nature are hurricanes or volcanic activity.

To reach someone in Saint Lucia dial +1-758 prior to a number. There are 41,000 installed telephones. And there are 176,000 registered mobile phones. The cellular networks commonly support frequencies of 1800 Mhz. Websites registered in this country end with the top level domain ".lc". If you want to bring electric equipment on your trip (e.g. laptop power supply), note the local power outlet of 240V - 50Hz.

About the flag and history of Saint Lucia

Blue, with a gold isosceles triangle below a black arrowhead; the upper edges of the arrowhead have a white border; the blue color represents the sky and sea, gold stands for sunshine and prosperity, and white and black the racial composition of the island (with the latter being dominant); the two major triangles invoke the twin Pitons (Gros Piton and Petit Piton), cone-shaped volcanic plugs that are a symbol of the island.

The island, with its fine natural harbor at Castries, was contested between England and France throughout the 17th and early 18th centuries (changing possession 14 times); it was finally ceded to the UK in 1814. Even after the abolition of slavery on its plantations in 1834, Saint Lucia remained an agricultural island, dedicated to producing tropical commodity crops. Self-government was granted in 1967 and independence in 1979.

Geography Quick-Facts

Summary Continent: North America
Capital: Castries
Size 616 square kilometers (km² or sqkm) or 238 square miles (mi² or sqmi)
three and a half times the size of Washington, DC
Population 172,000
Currency Name: Dollar, Currency Code: XCD
Country Top Level Domain (cTLD) .lc
Telephone Country Prefix +1-758
Mobile Phone Connections 176,000
Landline Phone Connections 41,000

Country Position in World Rankings

Information about single country attributes and how these compare against the rest of the world. The information below is compiled with data from 2013. As such, it may differ a bit to the Information above in the text (which is from 2010).


Value name Value World Rank
Area 616 (sq km) 193

People and Society

Value name Value World Rank
Population 162,781 186
Population growth rate 0.36 (%) 159
Birth rate 14.19 (births/1,000 population) 138
Death rate 7.21 (deaths/1,000 population) 124
Net migration rate -3.34 (migrant(s)/1,000 population) 180
Maternal mortality rate 35.00 (deaths/100,000 live births) 118
Infant mortality rate 12.07 (deaths/1,000 live births) 130
Life expectancy at birth 77.22 (years) 69
Total fertility rate 1.78 (children born/woman) 158
Health expenditures 8.70 (% of GDP) 49
Obesity - adult prevalence rate 21.40 (%) 87
Education expenditures 4.40 (% of GDP) 96
Unemployment, youth ages 15-24 40.8 (%) 11


Value name Value World Rank
GDP (purchasing power parity) 2,233,000,000 190
GDP - real growth rate -0.40 (%) 190
GDP - per capita (PPP) 13,300 99
Labor force 79,700 184
Unemployment rate 20.00 (%) 160
Taxes and other revenues 15.2 (% of GDP) 191
Budget surplus (+) or deficit (-) -3.00 (% of GDP) 112
Public debt 77.00 (% of GDP) 30
Inflation rate (consumer prices) 4.40 (%) 122
Central bank discount rate 6.50 (%) 48
Commercial bank prime lending rate 10.20 (%) 88
Stock of narrow money 271,200,000 175
Stock of broad money 1,149,000,000 166
Stock of domestic credit 1,469,000,000 145
Current account balance -178,300,000 74
Exports 209,600,000 183
Imports 526,200,000 190
Debt - external 471,400,000 172


Value name Value World Rank
Electricity - production 358,000,000 (kWh) 166
Electricity - consumption 317,300,000 (kWh) 172
Electricity - installed generating capacity 76000 (kW) 174
Electricity - from fossil fuels 100.0 (% of total installed capacity) 38
Refined petroleum products - consumption 2,922 (bbl/day) 183
Refined petroleum products - imports 2,980 (bbl/day) 168
Carbon dioxide emissions from consumption of energy 430,800 (Mt) 181


Value name Value World Rank
Telephones - main lines in use 35,900 171
Telephones - mobile cellular 216,500 179
Internet hosts 100 210
Internet users 142,900 149


Value name Value World Rank
Airports 2 205
Roadways 1,210 (km) 180

Data based on CIA facts book 2010 & 2013, wikipedia, national statistical offices and their census releases

List of current world heritage sites

Name Since
Pitons Management Area
The 2,909-ha site near the town of Soufriere includes the Pitons, two volcanic spires rising side by side from the sea (770 m and 743 m high respectively), linked by the Piton Mitan ridge. The volcanic complex includes a geothermal field with sulphur ...