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Falkland Islands Country Guide

Explore Falkland Islands in South America

Falkland Islands with the capital city Stanley is located in South America . It covers some 12,173 square kilometres with 2,638 citizens.

Interactive map of Falkland Islands

The topography includes . The average density of population is approximately 0 per km². The notable climate conditions in Falkland Islands can be described as . Possible natural disasters include .

To reach someone in Falkland Islands dial +500 prior to a number. There are 0 installed telephones. And there are 0 registered mobile phones. The cellular networks commonly support frequencies of 900/1800/3G MHz. Websites registered in this country end with the top level domain ".fk". If you want to bring electric equipment on your trip (e.g. laptop power supply), note the local power outlet of 240V - 50Hz.

About the flag and history of Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands Flag Icon

Blue with the flag of the UK in the upper hoist-side quadrant and the Falkland Island coat of arms centered on the outer half of the flag; the coat of arms contains a white ram (sheep raising was once the major economic activity) above the sailing ship Desire (whose crew discovered the islands) with a scroll at the bottom bearing the motto DESIRE THE RIGHT.

Although first sighted by an English navigator in 1592, the first landing (English) did not occur until almost a century later in 1690, and the first settlement (French) was not established until 1764. The colony was turned over to Spain two years later and the islands have since been the subject of a territorial dispute, first between Britain and Spain, then between Britain and Argentina. The UK asserted its claim to the islands by establishing a naval garrison there in 1833. Argentina invaded the islands on 2 April 1982. The British responded with an expeditionary force that landed seven weeks later and after fierce fighting forced an Argentine surrender on 14 June 1982. With hostilities ended and Argentine forces withdrawn, UK administration resumed. In response to renewed calls from Argentina for Britain to relinquish control of the islands, a referendum was held in March 2013, which resulted in 99.8% of the population voting to remain a part of the UK.

National administrative regions of Falkland Islands

Geography Quick-Facts

SummaryContinent: South America
Capital: Stanley
Size12,173 square kilometers (km² or sqkm) or 4,700 square miles (mi² or sqmi)
CurrencyName Pound, Currency Code:FKP
Country Top Level Domain (cTLD).fk
Telephone Country Prefix+500
Mobile Phone Connections0
Landline Phone Connections0

Country Position in World Rankings

Information about single country attributes and how these compare against the rest of the world. The information below is compiled with data from 2013. As such, it may differ a bit to the Information above in the text (which is from 2010).


Value nameValueWorld Rank
Area12,173 (sq km)165

People and Society

Value nameValueWorld Rank
Population3,140 231
Population growth rate0.01 (%)191


Value nameValueWorld Rank
GDP (purchasing power parity)164,500,000 222
GDP - per capita (PPP)55,400 10
Labor force5,246 221
Unemployment rate4.10 (%)34
Taxes and other revenues40.80 (% of GDP)40
Budget surplus (+) or deficit (-)-5.00 (% of GDP)158
Inflation rate (consumer prices)1.20 (%)14
Exports125,000,000 188
Imports90,000,000 214


Value nameValueWorld Rank
Electricity - production19,000,000 (kWh)214
Electricity - consumption17,670,000 (kWh)214
Electricity - installed generating capacity10,000 (kW)204
Electricity - from fossil fuels90.00 (% of total installed capacity)76
Electricity - from other renewable sources10.00 (% of total installed capacity)23
Refined petroleum products - consumption300 (bbl/day)209
Refined petroleum products - imports313 (bbl/day)204
Carbon dioxide emissions from consumption of energy45,780 (Mt)206


Value nameValueWorld Rank
Telephones - main lines in use2,000 217
Telephones - mobile cellular3,300 215
Internet hosts110 207
Internet users2,900 209


Value nameValueWorld Rank
Airports7 170
Roadways440 (km)198

Data based on CIA facts book 2010 & 2013, wikipedia, national statistical offices and their census releases

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