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Saint Kitts and Nevis Country Guide

Explore Saint Kitts and Nevis in North America

Saint Kitts and Nevis with the capital city Basseterre is located in North America (Caribbean, islands in the Caribbean Sea). It covers some 261 square kilometres (one and a half times the size of Washington, DC) with 39,000 citizens.

Interactive map of Saint Kitts and Nevis

The terrain features volcanic with mountainous interiors. The average density of population is approximately 149 per km². The notable climate conditions in Saint Kitts and Nevis can be described as tropical, tempered by constant sea breezes with little seasonal temperature variation and rainy season (May to November). Potential natural disasters are hurricanes (July to October).

To reach someone in Saint Kitts and Nevis dial +1-869 prior to a number. There are 20,500 installed telephones. And there are 83,000 registered mobile phones. The cellular networks commonly support frequencies of 1800 MHz. Websites registered in this country end with the top level domain ".kn". If you want to bring electric equipment on your trip (e.g. laptop power supply), note the local power outlet of 230V - 60Hz.

About the flag and history of Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis Flag Icon

Divided diagonally from the lower hoist side by a broad black band bearing two white, five-pointed stars; the black band is edged in yellow; the upper triangle is green, the lower triangle is red; green signifies the island's fertility, red symbolizes the struggles of the people from slavery, yellow denotes year-round sunshine, and black represents the African heritage of the people; the white stars stand for the islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis, but can also express hope and liberty, or independence and optimism.

Carib Indians occupied the islands of the West Indies for hundreds of years before the British began settlement in 1623. In 1967, the island territory of Saint Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla became an associated state of the UK with full internal autonomy. The island of Anguilla rebelled and was allowed to secede in 1971. The remaining islands achieved independence in 1983 as Saint Kitts and Nevis. In 1998, a vote in Nevis on a referendum to separate from Saint Kitts fell short of the two-thirds majority needed. Nevis continues in its efforts to separate from Saint Kitts.

Geography Quick-Facts

SummaryContinent: North America
Capital: Basseterre
Size261 square kilometers (km² or sqkm) or 100 square miles (mi² or sqmi)
one and a half times the size of Washington, DC
CurrencyName Dollar, Currency Code:XCD
Country Top Level Domain (cTLD).kn
Telephone Country Prefix+1-869
Mobile Phone Connections83,000
Landline Phone Connections20,500

Country Position in World Rankings

Information about single country attributes and how these compare against the rest of the world. The information below is compiled with data from 2013. As such, it may differ a bit to the Information above in the text (which is from 2010).


Value nameValueWorld Rank
Area261 (sq km)212

People and Society

Value nameValueWorld Rank
Population51,134 209
Population growth rate0.80 (%)135
Birth rate13.79 (births/1,000 population)144
Death rate7.06 (deaths/1,000 population)131
Net migration rate1.23 (migrant(s)/1,000 population)52
Infant mortality rate9.20 (deaths/1,000 live births)148
Life expectancy at birth75.07 (years)98
Total fertility rate1.78 (children born/woman)155
Health expenditures6.70 (% of GDP)94
Obesity - adult prevalence rate40.70 (%)11
Education expenditures4.20 (% of GDP)103


Value nameValueWorld Rank
GDP (purchasing power parity)946,300,000 205
GDP - real growth rate-0.90 (%)197
GDP - per capita (PPP)16,500 81
Labor force18,170 210
Unemployment rate4.50 (%)43
Taxes and other revenues25.20 (% of GDP)119
Budget surplus (+) or deficit (-)-5.00 (% of GDP)157
Public debt144.00 (% of GDP)4
Inflation rate (consumer prices)0.70 (%)9
Central bank discount rate6.50 (%)55
Commercial bank prime lending rate9.20 (%)96
Stock of narrow money317,500,000 172
Stock of broad money964,100,000 170
Stock of domestic credit963,000,000 158
Market value of publicly traded shares623,900,000 110
Current account balance-133,800,000 71
Exports58,600,000 196
Imports315,700,000 198
Debt - external189,100,000 186


Value nameValueWorld Rank
Electricity - production135,000,000 (kWh)187
Electricity - consumption125,600,000 (kWh)192
Electricity - installed generating capacity22,000 (kW)195
Electricity - from fossil fuels100.00 (% of total installed capacity)35
Refined petroleum products - consumption1,496 (bbl/day)196
Refined petroleum products - imports1,699 (bbl/day)184
Carbon dioxide emissions from consumption of energy303,500 (Mt)187


Value nameValueWorld Rank
Telephones - main lines in use20,600 188
Telephones - mobile cellular84,600 195
Internet hosts54 214
Internet users17,000 196


Value nameValueWorld Rank
Airports2 204
Railways50 (km)131
Roadways383 (km)200
Merchant marine152 38

Data based on CIA facts book 2010 & 2013, wikipedia, national statistical offices and their census releases

List of current world heritage sites

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