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Ukraine Country Guide

Explore Ukraine in Europe

Ukraine with the capital city Kiev is located in Europe (Eastern Europe, bordering the Black Sea). It covers some 603,700 square kilometres (slightly smaller than Texas) with 45,994,000 citizens.

Interactive map of Ukraine

The landscape offers most of Ukraine consists of fertile plains (steppes) and plateaus, mountains being found only in the west (the Carpathians), and in the Crimean Peninsula in the extreme south. The average density of population is approximately 76 per km². The notable climate conditions in Ukraine can be described as temperate continental with Mediterranean only on the southern Crimean coast, precipitation disproportionately distributed, highest in west and north, lesser in east and southeast, winters vary from cool along the Black Sea to cold farther inland and summers are warm across the greater part of the country, hot in the south. Potential threats by nature are NA.

To reach someone in Ukraine dial +380 prior to a number. There are 13,026,000 installed telephones. And there are 55,333,000 registered mobile phones. The cellular networks commonly support frequencies of 900/1800 MHz. Websites registered in this country end with the top level domain ".ua". If you want to bring electric equipment on your trip (e.g. laptop power supply), note the local power outlet of 220V - 50Hz.

About the flag and history of Ukraine

Ukraine Flag Icon

Two equal horizontal bands of azure (top) and golden yellow represent grain fields under a blue sky.

Ukraine was the center of the first eastern Slavic state, Kyivan Rus, which during the 10th and 11th centuries was the largest and most powerful state in Europe. Weakened by internecine quarrels and Mongol invasions, Kyivan Rus was incorporated into the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and eventually into the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The cultural and religious legacy of Kyivan Rus laid the foundation for Ukrainian nationalism through subsequent centuries. A new Ukrainian state, the Cossack Hetmanate, was established during the mid-17th century after an uprising against the Poles. Despite continuous Muscovite pressure, the Hetmanate managed to remain autonomous for well over 100 years. During the latter part of the 18th century, most Ukrainian ethnographic territory was absorbed by the Russian Empire. Following the collapse of czarist Russia in 1917, Ukraine was able to achieve a short-lived period of independence (1917-20), but was reconquered and forced to endure a brutal Soviet rule that engineered two forced famines (1921-22 and 1932-33) in which over 8 million died. In World War II, German and Soviet armies were responsible for some 7 to 8 million more deaths. Although final independence for Ukraine was achieved in 1991 with the dissolution of the USSR, democracy and prosperity remained elusive as the legacy of state control and endemic corruption stalled efforts at economic reform, privatization, and civil liberties. A peaceful mass protest "Orange Revolution" in the closing months of 2004 forced the authorities to overturn a rigged presidential election and to allow a new internationally monitored vote that swept into power a reformist slate under Viktor YUSHCHENKO. Subsequent internal squabbles in the YUSHCHENKO camp allowed his rival Viktor YANUKOVYCH to stage a comeback in parliamentary elections and become prime minister in August of 2006. An early legislative election, brought on by a political crisis in the spring of 2007, saw Yuliya TYMOSHENKO, as head of an "Orange" coalition, installed as a new prime minister in December 2007. Viktor YANUKOVUYCH was elected president in a February 2010 run-off election that observers assessed as meeting most international standards. The following month, Ukraine's parliament, the Rada, approved a vote of no-confidence prompting Yuliya TYMOSHENKO to resign from her post as prime minister. In October 2012, Ukraine held Rada elections, widely criticized by Western observers as flawed due to use of government resources to favor ruling party candidates, interference with media access, and harassment of opposition candidates.

Geography Quick-Facts

SummaryContinent: Europe
Neighbours: Poland, Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia, Belarus, Romania, Russia
Capital: Kiev
Size603,700 square kilometers (km² or sqkm) or 233,089 square miles (mi² or sqmi)
slightly smaller than Texas
CurrencyName Hryvnia, Currency Code:UAH
Country Top Level Domain (cTLD).ua
Telephone Country Prefix+380
Mobile Phone Connections55,333,000
Landline Phone Connections13,026,000

Country Position in World Rankings

Information about single country attributes and how these compare against the rest of the world. The information below is compiled with data from 2013. As such, it may differ a bit to the Information above in the text (which is from 2010).


Value nameValueWorld Rank
Area603,550 (sq km)46

People and Society

Value nameValueWorld Rank
Population44,573,205 30
Population growth rate-0.63 (%)227
Birth rate9.52 (births/1,000 population)201
Death rate15.75 (deaths/1,000 population)2
Net migration rate-0.07 (migrant(s)/1,000 population)112
Maternal mortality rate32.00 (deaths/100,000 live births)122
Infant mortality rate8.24 (deaths/1,000 live births)155
Life expectancy at birth68.93 (years)158
Total fertility rate1.29 (children born/woman)215
Health expenditures7.70 (% of GDP)67
HIV/AIDS - adult prevalence rate1.10 (%)44
HIV/AIDS - people living with HIV/AIDS350,000 17
HIV/AIDS - deaths24,000 15
Obesity - adult prevalence rate21.30 (%)89
Children under the age of 5 years underweight0.90 (%)131
Education expenditures5.30 (% of GDP)64
Unemployment, youth ages 15-2418.60 (%)67


Value nameValueWorld Rank
GDP (purchasing power parity)340,700,000,000 39
GDP - real growth rate0.20 (%)176
GDP - per capita (PPP)7,500 140
Labor force22,060,000 30
Unemployment rate7.40 (%)83
Distribution of family income - Gini index28.20 120
Investment (gross fixed)19.50 (% of GDP)107
Taxes and other revenues30.10 (% of GDP)92
Budget surplus (+) or deficit (-)-3.70 (% of GDP)124
Public debt38.80 (% of GDP)94
Inflation rate (consumer prices)0.60 (%)8
Central bank discount rate11.97 (%)19
Commercial bank prime lending rate15.95 (%)35
Stock of narrow money31,500,000,000 57
Stock of broad money97,400,000,000 55
Stock of domestic credit101,600,000,000 52
Market value of publicly traded shares39,460,000,000 54
Industrial production growth rate7.60 (%)30
Current account balance-14,400,000,000 178
Exports69,800,000,000 51
Imports90,200,000,000 37
Reserves of foreign exchange and gold24,500,000,000 55
Debt - external135,000,000,000 40
Stock of direct foreign investment - at home54,360,000,000 52
Stock of direct foreign investment - abroad7,348,000,000 58


Value nameValueWorld Rank
Electricity - production198,100,000,000 (kWh)23
Electricity - consumption175,300,000,000 (kWh)21
Electricity - exports3,852,000,000 (kWh)33
Electricity - imports1,894,000,000 (kWh)52
Electricity - installed generating capacity54,380,000 (kW)18
Electricity - from fossil fuels64.40 (% of total installed capacity)130
Electricity - from nuclear fuels25.40 (% of total installed capacity)3
Electricity - from hydroelectric plants10.00 (% of total installed capacity)115
Electricity - from other renewable sources0.10 (% of total installed capacity)92
Crude oil - production73,180 (bbl/day)53
Crude oil - exports160 (bbl/day)70
Crude oil - imports143,600 (bbl/day)43
Crude oil - proved reserves395,000,000 (bbl)55
Refined petroleum products - production262,200 (bbl/day)49
Refined petroleum products - consumption320,600 (bbl/day)40
Refined petroleum products - exports76,140 (bbl/day)48
Refined petroleum products - imports148,900 (bbl/day)38
Natural gas - production19,360,000,000 (cu m)35
Natural gas - consumption53,160,000,000 (cu m)16
Natural gas - exports2,600,000,000 (cu m)37
Natural gas - imports36,400,000,000 (cu m)12
Natural gas - proved reserves1,104,000,000,000 (cu m)26
Carbon dioxide emissions from consumption of energy275,500,000 (Mt)23


Value nameValueWorld Rank
Telephones - main lines in use12,681,000 19
Telephones - mobile cellular55,576,000 23
Internet hosts2,173,000 37
Internet users7,770,000 38


Value nameValueWorld Rank
Airports412 21
Railways21,684 (km)12
Roadways169,496 (km)29
Waterways1,672 (km)47
Merchant marine134 43


Value nameValueWorld Rank
Military expenditures1.60 (% of GDP)91

Data based on CIA facts book 2010 & 2013, wikipedia, national statistical offices and their census releases

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